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August 2018

My feature film Gender Bender screens at the Chain NYC Film Festival on August 10! See you there!

July 2018

Our short film "All Call" was lost in transit as it was being shipped to the film lab out in LA. It is very disappointing for all involved, but the great news is that we were able to get everyone back together to do a re-shoot! Fate works in mysterious ways and I am grateful to the production team for inviting me back!

Had so. many. auditions. this month! Whoever said summer is dead in this industry is misinformed. Grateful to be an actor!

On a personal note, we adopted another rescue kitten-- 8 weeksold, 2.3 lb. buff tabby named QUESO! Big brother Taco is in for a treat :) 

June 2018

Filming the short "All Call" was such a cool experience! It was shot completely on film to give it a vintage feel and I got to wear an authentic 1950s American Airlines stewardess uniform- what could be better?! I was MADE for that decade! Hop over to my gallery to see a photo!

Gender Bender screens at Bergenfield Cinemas in NJ! Come check out the insanity!

May 2018

Got a callback for a Simon Premium Outlets!

I booked a role in a short film called "All Call" about 1950s stewardesses. More info when I know!

My feature film Gender Bender screens at the Hoboken International Film Festival on May 19- see you there! Grateful to be included again in one of the top 10 film festivals in the country!

April 2018

This month I shot a new commercial for Envision Bank in association with WBZ 5 Boston. Can't wait to see it on TV!

I reignited my relationship with CP Casting by meeting and auditioning for Kyle Crand at a SAG-AFTRA Foundation event. CP Casting has brought me in for some of my most important auditions in my career-- Academy Award Winning Spotlight, NBC series American Odyssey, and the Gus Van Sant / Matthew McConaughey film Sea of Trees to name a few.

March 2018

Met and workshopped for Matthew Wise, casting associate on my target series, YOUNGER. He couldn't have been nicer and more willing to play with scenes. A perfect class! Can't wait to actually audition for this show! Putting out in the universe...

February 2018

Another audition, another callback! I was put on hold for Disney! The best part is that I finally got in to audition for House Casting, a company that I had yet to meet and audition for. And I got a callback! Put this one in the WIN column.

January 2018

Happy New Year! Started the new year with a bang! First audition of the year garnered my first callback of the year! My UCB improv training really helped at this entirely improvised commercial audition :)

December 2017

My feature film Gender Bender premiered to a full house at Bellmore Movies this month. Hilarity, absurdity, and all around fun. Look out for us on the festival circuit in 2018!


Happy holidays! The perfect time to reach out to my agents and familiar casting directors to let them know how much I appreciate their work and belief in me this past year. We are all in this together :)

November 2017

My cover issue of SmartPak is out! I have a bunch of features in this holiday issue as well. Very proud of it. Head over to the my portfolio to see the photos!

Grateful to my team at Innovative for sending me out on some awesome auditions lately. Getting positive feedback on my improv skills and copy delivery from the casting directors is always a plus too. Just a matter of time...

October 2017

Met and auditioned for Suzanne Ryan this month. I had a great experience meeting her last year and this year was no different. I had a very challenging set of scenes from a drama series in which my character had faked her own death, attempted to shoot a police officer, and admitted to being physical and emotionally abused in a series of monologues- all at once. Lots of direct and subtle intensity. Very glad I worked with my acting coach on these sides. It was some of the most challenging work I have done on film to date. 

Shot for Hasbro product packaging and website for the second time this year. I'll be on shelves in stores and online in the coming months for the well loved game PIE FACE. I love working with repeat clients because I know that they believe in my ability to do the work. (And getting whipped cream to the face is kind of fun too!)

Had the opportunity to work with Kim Krakauer at a workshop. I got to perform a series of scenes from an HBO dramedy. My character was the type to use her sex appeal to get by in her profession without really knowing how to perform her skills. It was a great experience with physical comedy, and I got great footage out of it!

September 2017

Shot the holiday issue COVER of the SmartPak catalogue! I am so excited to be on my third magazine cover in 2 years, and second cover this year. First was Brookstone, second was PetEdge, and this will make #3!

Began working with Innovative Artists for commercial representation. Looking forward to this new partnership :)

Met Lisa Kitay at an actors' workshop and got great feedback on my audition. My character was a steely, sexy, double agent. It's always good to flex those audition muscles and hear some insider tips from the other side of the table.

August 2017

Found out that I didn't end up booking a role in the new Amy Schumer film. It's a disappointment after auditioning SIX times, but I feel lucky to have had the opportunities! Onto the next!


Had the pleasure of auditioning for a big two scene role in The Equalizer 2- I would be acting opposite Denzel Washington if cast! Fingers crossed!

Completed my auditioning workshop with casting director Rob Decina. I learned a ton and I'm excited to put it into practice on the next audition.

July 2017

Auditioned for Amy Schumer's new feature film I Feel Pretty AGAIN-- two roles this time. That brings the tally to 6 different roles-- fingers crossed there's a part for me! AHH!

Booked and shot a SAG commercial for the National Association of Realtors!


Spent two days on Cape Cod shooting for Smart Pak's catalogue and website.

Enrolled in a two-week workshop with Emmy-nominated casting director Rob Decina.

June 2017

Psyched to have auditioned for a feature film starring a SUPER popular female comedian! ...AND... I got called back for THREE different roles!

Shot a SAG web commercial-- first time as a principal! More details to come :)

My cover issue of Groomer Stylist magazine came in the mail this week! Head over to the Gallery to check it out!

May 2017

So, I didn't book the Adam Sandler feature film...BUT I made it all the way to the DIRECTOR callbacks! That, my friends, is a success!

My OceanSpray images are all over social media! Check out my gallery to see them. Also, I'm officially a hand model now ;)

April 2017

CALLBACK for a supporting role in the new Adam Sandler comedy, Who Do You Think Would Win! Fingers crossed!

My cover issue is on stands now for Groomer Stylist PetEdge. Get yours!

CALLBACK for leading role in a short film with an awesome script... from a self-tape!!

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