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Jena Finn SAG-AFTRA actor actress model New York Boston
Jena Finn SAG-AFTRA actor actress model New York Boston
Jena Finn SAG-AFTRA actor actress model New York Boston

Thanks for visiting my page! I'm Jena Finn and I am a SAG-AFTRA actor, host, and model. As a lifelong performer, my experiences range from physical comedy to drama and from stage to screen. My trademarks are girl-next-door charm and sultry confidence. I pride myself on my exceptional professionalism, playful attitude, and fierce dedication to my work.


I began performing by tap dancing my way across the stage, which landed me at the Broadway Training Center as a young artist, and then to Northeastern University where I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Performance Theatre and Media Communications. I'm proud to say that I was cast in every show I auditioned for, with characters ranging from a physically abused teen, to an emotionally abusive “mean girl,” as well as a hilarious hapless ex-Duchess. My on-camera training began at Northeastern, where I was also cast in an array of student films.


Since graduation, I've become a member of various theatre companies, and a familiar face around industry acting workshops and classes. I'm super proud of my comedy training at Upright Citizens Brigade, and I'm a lifetime member of The Actor’s Project NYC, with whom I earned my first Off-Broadway credit. That performance debuted to a sold out audience and garnered interest from the industry, which landed me multiple representation in New York. Additionally, I'm represented in the Boston area. If I'm not living and dying by Metro-North, I can usually be found jamming out to country music on the Pike, headed to Boston for an audition.


I continue to study acting technique around NYC, both in a classroom setting and with a private coach. While acting is my passion, I also have a great head for the business side of the industry. I understand the importance of creating relationships, and I'm proud to have been personally called in by prominent casting directors based on my reputation, ambition, and talent. I am a firm believer in continuing to study, learn, create new experiences, and grow as a person, with the awareness that acting is not just about my fleeting time on set, but about the evolution of myself as a human being.

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